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Spaghetti Warehouse takes seriously “Cooking from scratch” ‘names’ new menu “Made Fresh Daily”

“Unprecedented” menu launch focuses on “Made from scratch cooking” process featuring fresh, quality ingredients; gluten-free entrées highlight new menu offerings.

DALLAS, Tex. – Spaghetti WarehouseRestaurants Inc. today unveiled its all-new “Made Fresh Daily” menu as the centerpiece of an exciting and unprecedented commitment to “…serving our guests American Italian food that is made fresh daily – by hand – from scratch, using a painstaking cooking process at a value that’s unmatched in casual dining.”

Featuring a bold, modern, newspaper-style design, the newly-named menu is now available at all 15 Spaghetti Warehouse Restaurants in Texas, Florida, Ohio, Oklahoma, New York, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. To see the new menu, visit the Spaghetti Warehouse website at:

 “Every meal we serve at Spaghetti Warehouse is made fresh daily,” said Executive Chef Larry Bellah, Spaghetti Warehouse Restaurants Inc. “At a time when many chain restaurants have moved away from preparing their food from scratch in the name of efficiency and consistency, we are providing our guests with the extra attention that it takes to create great tasting American Italian food that’s made fresh daily – by hand – from scratch and cooked using quality ingredients.”

He continued, “That’s why we named our menu ‘Made Fresh Daily’; it’s a perfect description of the regular menu items we offer, including our new gluten-free entrees, which we created in an overwhelming response to our guests’ desire to enjoy these types of meals that are rapidly growing in popularity.”

According to Bellah, the new menu “…is overwhelmingly different from anything we’ve ever done and we believe it represents something no other concept is doing.”

In response, Bellah offered four examples of how Spaghetti Warehouse is setting itself apart from other restaurants and, most notably its competitors including:

  • Each and every day Spaghetti Warehouse hand rolls approximately 10,000 meatballs to serve to guests in its 15 restaurants;
  • We painstakingly spend three full days to create our most popular entrée – our ‘Incredible’ 15-Layer Lasagne;
  • We are featuring a selection of gluten-free entrees as part of our regular menu;
  • And, lastly, we make fresh each and every one of our rich and flavorful sauces Spaghetti Warehouse has to offer.

Bellah said that Spaghetti Warehouse is also offering its guests the opportunity to substitute its gluten-free pasta with any of its dinners. In addition to the selections featuring sirloin steak, salmon and chicken, the new gluten-free entrees include Spaghetti Pomodoro – gluten-free spaghetti tossed with a fresh vegetable Pomodoro sauce, sautéed mushrooms, spinach, broccoli and fresh garden vegetables.

  • A new expression of its famous handmade ‘Incredible’ 15-Layer Lasagne topped with a fresh Alfredo Sauce. Bellah said the new Lasagne dish features “…layer upon layer of lasagne noodles and an enticing combination of meat sauce, Italian pork sausage and ground beef blended with hand-grated Romano, ricotta and mozzarella cheeses.”
  • Two new dishes – Fire-Grilled Salmon with Roasted Vegetables and the Trolley Stop Sirloin and Spaghetti, featuring a delicious sirloin steak topped with fresh garlic butter spinach and served with spaghetti and your choice of any of Spaghetti Warehouse’s freshly-made sauces.

Every dinner entrée at Spaghetti Warehouse is served with its famous sourdough bread and the choice of a bottomless fresh garden salad or savory soup.

Emblazoned with the headline, “Made Fresh Daily”, the bright, new menu features a host of fun facts about the restaurant’s history, including information about Spaghetti Warehouse’s commitment to the communities it serves and much more.

For more information, visit the Spaghetti Warehouse website at or on Facebook at or via Twitter at: @spaghettiwh.

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